Barn Options


Our standard Old Hickory Sheds and barns come built out complete with an open storage option to maximize the space. these are ideal for storage, or garages. We offer custom options in the way of thicker build out sidings water proofing and flooring necessary to meet the needs best suited for the purpose or desired use. Sizes range from 8×8-12×24. 2 large barn style doors open to a large open space. We can build out loft or top storage for additional convenience and drop off and level on your property

Utility Shed:

Comes with an open space format with custom shelves for tools and additional storage and work table that can be utilized to work on a variety of projects. It includes double wide doors and 6’3 walls and slant roof for walking space and moving large objects.

Deluxe Playhouse:

A great option that can also be used as a bunkhouse or guest room. The Deluxe Playhouse comes with a front entry door to welcome guest with a welcoming outdoor patio. It features french window that open and are weatherproofed, sizes vary but the playhouse 12×26-16×40 as providing ample space to ad all the features of home. Custom paint sidings and flooring options make this an affordable 2nd home on your property
Garage: If you are looking to store your cars, ATV’s motorcycle or boat these are an ideal option. 8′ high roll up door and side walls with a center point 12′ high on the interior insure space to these also come in 12×12-16×40 for multiple vehicles. It includes an accessible walk in side door and built in work bench.


Our drivers and trucks are designed to be able to deliver your custom storage barn to some of the most difficult terrain and obstacles. We will help you prepare the area with instructions an parameters and our drivers are equipped with blocks and to level the barn up to 3ft. for stability.

Elkhorn barn company will work with you to insure you are set with the ideal storage shed, Beach Bungalow or mountain cabin to meet your needs. We take time to understand what you will be using our portable storage for. If you want this to be a guest home we will talk you through the best options for paint, weatherproofing, windows, doors. If you have onsite utilities that can be used for electric and temperature control we will find the best options to help you make it work. We have been doing this for years. We understand have dealt with just about every obstacle, terrain and weather you can imagine. When you get a guest home, work shed or portable storage from Elkhorn Barn Co. you can be sure you have the best product set for your needs on the market.

Take the first step into the extra space you’ve always dreamt of…